List of the special voicelines between two characters in Tsukino Paradise! Enjoy~

It took me some time to level up all the friendship levels, but managed to compile a list of (hopefully all) the voicelines that got added in the lastest big TsukiPara update 2.0.0 (Fall 2018).

Will update the list when I can find more voicelines. I have a table to keep track of them, so tried many combinations already by the time I posted this list.

Special thanks to my sister for helping me providing some of the voicelines!

This list is for personal use. Don’t repost/re-use the content of this post, thanks!

Requirements in order to trigger voicelines:

  • Friendship level has to be at least level 20! (level up through playing the pairs as centers during lives, interaction in dorms & odekake)
  • Both characters has to be in the center position of your team (Who goes left or right doesn’t matter)


Six Gravity

Hajime + Haru

  • Hajime: Let’s go Haru, don’t get distracted.
  • Haru: Alright! As our king wishes.

Aoi + Arata

  • Aoi: I look forward to the live! However… I feel a bit nervous.
  • Arata: Don’t worry! You’ll forget about it once it starts. Let’s go, Aoi!

Koi + Kakeru

  • Kakeru: Koi, let’s show our teamwork to our fans!
  • Koi: Aye! The power of Gravi’s junior group is the best!



Shun + Kai

  • Shun: Well, are you ready? The time has come to enjoy this moment to the fullest! Let’s play with us~
  • Kai: Procella Shun! Let’s go!! (?)

You + Yoru

  • You: Well Yoru. Let’s deliver our special love to our fans!
  • Yoru: Hehe. You’s energy is amazing. But I won’t lose to you!

Rui + Iku

  • Rui: I’m a little bit nervous.
  • Iku: It will be alright! Because we’ve been practicing until now!



Shiki + Rikka

  • Rikka: Look Shiki, the fans are waiting for us.
  • Shiki: Indeed. I will continue to sing until they’re all satisfied. (?)

Tsubasa + Dai (Took me hours and I’m not entirely sure about this one, so please correct me if I’m wrong!)

  • Tsubasa: Fufu.. Dai-chan, I didn’t say “I’m nervous” before the live.
  • Dai: No way you would, your energy is perfect. However, stop calling me “Dai-chan”.



Shu + Eichi

  • Shu: I’ll leave it to you, so please sing as freely as you’d like.
  • Eichi: Oh Shu… I’m very happy, but aren’t you spoiling me a bit too much?

Issei + Ichiru

  • Issei: Let’s go Ichiru.
  • Ichiru: I know Issei, we will finish this succesfully!



Koki + Mamoru

  • Mamoru: K-Kou-kun.. I-I can’t stop being nervous.
  • Koki: Just be as usual, Mamoru. Don’t worry, because I’m here with you. (T/N: OMG KOKI MY HEART ;w;)

Kensuke + Ryota

  • Kensuke: I’m nervous, but I’m really excited right now. How about you, Ryo?
  • Ryota: Ken is just like usual. But I feel more relieved after hearing your feelings.



Sora + Morihito

  • Mori: Though I feel nervous before the live, it gives me strength when I think about that Sora will be singing!
  • Sora: I will do my best today in order to meet your expectations, Mori!

Sora + Nozomu

  • Nozomu: The time has finally come to show the superstage of the future charismatic Nozomu-kun!
  • Sora: Hey! I won’t let you become the star of the show!

Soshi + Ren

  • Soshi: Before the live, I need to concentrate to calm… my mind…
  • Ren: I musn’t get in the way during Sou-nii’s meditation.

Nozomu + Ren

  • Ren: When you’re nervous… Um… What word do you write and eat up?
  • Nozomu: Ren~ No matter what word you eat, it’s not tasty. Here! Eat this chocolate!