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[VAZZROCK] LET’S GO TO HEAVEN! (FULL ver.) – 築 二葉 & 築 一紗 (Kizuku Futaba & Kizuku Issa) [Lyrics JP/Romaji/EN]

Here’s the third duet of the VAZZROCK bi-color series by the Kizuki brothers: LET’S GO TO HEAVEN!

[VAZZROCK] 君ノ花 Kimi no Hana (FULL ver.) – 吉良凰香 (Kira Ouka) [Lyrics JP/Romaji/EN]

Took me some time to post this due to personal circumstances, but I tried my best to nail this one! Enjoy~

[VAZZROCK] Warmth (Preview ver.) – VAZZY [Lyrics JP/Romaji/EN]

Preview version of the lyrics of Warmth by VAZZY from their first album VAZZY vol.1 -始動-!

[VAZZROCK] NOT A GAME (FULL ver.) – 眞宮孝明 (Mamiya Takaaki) [Lyrics JP/Romaji/EN]

Finally the full version of NOT A GAME by Mamiya Takaaki!! Enjoy!


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