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Tsukino Production Fan Survey 2018 – Full Results!

Hello there! Welcome to the results page of the survey for Tsukino Production that was holded from November 27, 2018 until December 22, 2018. I’m very sorry it took so long to make the results public. I had some personal stuff to deal with outside of processing all data and turn it into useful information.

Writer Published on August 29, 2018
Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Recap & review past 3 years of having this blog & life

Writer Published on February 28, 2017
Update: February 2017

So it’s the last day of February today already. I guess it’s time for a little monthly update hehe

Writer Published on January 20, 2017
Update: January 2017

Hey guys! We’re finally in 2017. A lot of ppl might already made their newyears resolutions and even are working on it.

Writer Published on October 4, 2015
Monthly Favorites – September 2015

Hi cutiecakes <3 September went very fast in my experience and I have some favorites this month that I want to share with you guys~! So let’s start!


Heya lovely friends! Welcome to, a blog which is about all kinds of hobbies of Cicii. I hope you'll enjoy this blog and I wish you have a nice day~ ♥