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Writer Published on July 22, 2017
Journey in HK! Day 1: Arrival day!

Heya my lovely blog! It’s been a while since my last post… Blog went on hiatus right after I started on my thesis and couldn’t find any time to keep this updated =< But I’m glad I have time again to keep this website updated with all kinds of posts! Especially translations & my experience

[Daily Blog] #91: I can die now~ {July 30, 2016}

Today was seriously the best day of my trip so far! 

[Daily Blog] #43: Animecon 2016 Day 3 {June 12, 2016}

Day 3 of Animecon was a chillax day…

[Daily Blog] #42: Animecon 2016 Day 2 {June 11, 2016}

Today was the best day of the weekend! Today was the big day we’ve been waiting for! It’s our LoveLive group day!!!

[Daily Blog] #41: Animecon 2016 Day 1 {June 10, 2016}

It’s finally the time of the year: ANIMECON!!! The best con of NL <3

[Daily Blog] #39: Animecon Hype!!! {June 8, 2016}

Today didn’t really go as planned tbh xD But I was at least awake pretty early today~

[Daily Blog] #3: Ugh… Motion sickness… =3= {May 3, 2016}

Third day of my daily blog already… I’m finally starting to feel better and better^^ Probably because of the hype of the Overwatch open beta hehe…

[Daily Blog] #2: Don’t give up something you love! {May 2, 2016}

Again.. today was a hard day…  I slept at 5AM, cus I was watching LilyPichu playin’ Dangan Ronpa haha. So I woke up around 10AM and was extremely exhaused and heart felt really really sad.. I decided to fall back asleep, because I didn’t feel like doin’ anything again… I know it’s over.. But my


Heya lovely friends! Welcome to, a blog which is about all kinds of hobbies of Cicii. I hope you'll enjoy this blog and I wish you have a nice day~ ♥